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You Are Not Alone

You’re not alone,

You’re not a mess,

You’re not broken.

You’re healing,

You’re growing,

You’re becoming bold,

fearless, powerful,

kind, loving,

passionate and more

warm than cold.

So take small steps,

Don’t be afraid,

Bid farewell to your worries,

Tell them to get lost,

Because that is not

who you are,

Because that is


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My Road trip to Neemrana Fort Palace

People forget years and remember moment- Ann Beattie

Sometimes all you need a road trip to remind you that the world is still full of so many beautiful things which are yet to be discovered by you. Road trips make you realize that the journey is also the major part which is to be enjoyed with your full heart.

My road trip to Neemrana or specifically to Neemrana Fort Palace was full of magical moments. It was a one day trip and we had to leave early to reach early and to leave early as well (the downside of not being a fully grown adult yet!).


We left around 7:30 am in our pretty comfortable car (we as in my five other friends) and it took us less than 1 hour to reach Gurugram and then our real super amazing road trip finally begin! The roads were pretty and mustard fields along the way made our morning full of bliss and nostalgia (who doesn’t think of DDLJ when they see a mustard field?). We were drooling over the clear blue sky with yellow and green landscape below. This is what travelling does to you. It makes you appreciate nature more as you draw closer to it. Neemrana Fort Palace is just 122 km away from Delhi and since there was no traffic early in the morning, we reached at our destination around 11 am (we also stopped for a quick bite at a small hotel/ restaurant and had super delicious stuffed parathas!).

When we parked our car in the parking (which was not at all a proper parking area in my opinion), we could see the grand fort built inside the Aravalli hills. The fort looked so magnificent and beautiful that we were filled with excitement to just hurry up and explore the 700-year-old fort-cum-hotel. Thankfully, our excitement was worth it.


I am not going to tell you the deep 700-year-old history as you’ll have to go and see that by yourself. Instead, I would gladly tell you that the fort was built in the 15th century, and was established by Raja Dup Raj. The ruling family is considered to be a direct lineage of Prithviraj Chauhan. Now fast-forward to 1947, the ruling family shifted to Vijay Bagh and the fort became just a ruin. It was vacant for almost forty years as they looked for someone else to take the fort. Then in 1986, the Fort-palace was announced for restoration and finally in 1991, it was restored. Over the years, it has managed itself to restore the lost beauty of the Palace.


We were mesmerized with the fort, we explored almost all the wings of Neemrana Fort Palace and then we indulged ourselves at the famous adventure sport- zip lining. It was the best experience so far. We were zipping from one hill to another hill and the view from up there was a soothing sight for our soul. There was no fear, just the hills, fort and the small town of Neemrana below, fresh cold winds and us. I would suggest everyone to not miss out on this exhilarating experience! Everything felt surreal and I am glad that I tried this sport. We completed 5 levels (yes we crossed over 5 hills!) in 2 hours and after that, with losing most of our energy, we all felt more alive than before.


Neemrana Fort Palace is now a super- luxurious hotel which has so many facilities like any other five-star hotel so yeah, the point is- it is expensive. There were two options for us to choose for one-day exploration of Neemrana Fort Palace– Zip+Fort Entry or Lunch+ Fort Entry. We chose the zip+fort entry excluding the lunch for INR 1700. And for this combo, you have to book in advance. We ate our lunch at Highway King at Behror which was another great experience. For more details, I am going to leave two links from where you can choose your preference and can know more about their pricing policies.


After exploring the fort, clicking numerous photos of almost every corner (every little thing was worth a click), doing zip-lining and lunch, we bid farewell to this amazing place. The whole experience was surreal and worth a visit. It is a very famous saying that every year, go someplace which you have never seen before and see how it changes you in the most positive way. Neemrana Fort Palace is truly a weekend getaway and worth a visit.

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Letters To My Grandmother: Letter One- ENDURANCE

1, 2, 3, 4……8 months have passed and still, the memory of our last meeting is fresh in my mind. Your smile, our last talk and the way you told me not to worry about you because you’re going to come back soon plays in my head involuntarily all the time at very odd moments. Everyone knows it that one day we have to leave our mortal self on a mysterious immortal journey, people who have achieved wisdom also boast about how attachments are temporary and how the journey within yourself is important, it is the only one that counts they say but all of those facts, this worldly wisdom fades away when we lose someone close to our soul. We know it is inevitable but our soul keeps on mourning for the ones we have lost along the way. I never thought that I would be losing you so soon, I know you were in so much pain and it was a relief for your body but a part of me still hope that someday in my life I’ll be able to meet you in some mysterious way and would be able to hold you again like I used to do and you’re going to say how pale I have become or how much grown up I look. It’s a very long life and I think anything is possible. I know you’re probably thinking that I have completely lost it but the fact is that we live in a futuristic world and technology is changing so don’t laugh at me. The truth is this Amma- For the last past year my biggest fear was losing someone very close to me and I had no idea that it is going to come true suddenly just before the Christmas and you went so early without a proper goodbye, you left me more weak than strong, you left me hollow and you left me miserable.  I used to think that if something like this ever happens to me, I will be devastated, I’ll never smile again and I’ll be depressed for the rest of my life but the reality was pretty different. Our mind shows us all the possible ways of being miserable but it doesn’t tell us about endurance. It doesn’t tell us that grief can be endured, extreme pain can be endured because this is how we survive, and this is how we function. Something bad happens, we cry, we feel numb, we smile, we laugh and we move on. This is the reality and what I have learned is- We have no idea how much we can endure until the worst happens and that is the beauty of it. Bad times show our most beautiful parts or the worst parts, it is all up to us whatever we let on our souls. I chose the best because I am your granddaughter and you have taught me to never give up. I remember you sitting on the right side of the bed, praying and hoping for the best every single day without a pause. Your faith in the goodness was your strength, and it will become mine. I am still enduring this pain but this is just a phase and I can also see the silver lining now. I am writing this to you because I know you watch over me all the time and you want me to be happy and grow more courageous, I can almost see you trying to talk to me so here I am, writing to you so that you feel connected to me, and I know you still love all the gossip I used to tell you so my other purpose to write to you is- Your entertainment. So Amma, its dinner time now and I have to go, until next time-

Yours favorite