Tribal Women Problems and Perspectives

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In this book an attempt has been made to analyze the role of tribal women in local political scenario.

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Indian tribal women comprise almost half of the total population. Status of tribal women fluctuates in various tribal societies. The role of tribal women is very important in economic, social, cultural, agricultural, domestic and ecological activities. Indian tribal women works harder than men but unfortunately this tribal women suffers from widespread poverty in India. Gradual development and economic changes have influenced tribal society in many ways. Despite the new wave of modernization, Indian tribal women, are essentially traditional in their language, dress, tools and resources. These women are in subordinate roles. They have less political power and minimal access to resources, technology and the form of power. They are still far away from education, health care, sanitation, development and mainstream.

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Vaishali Devpura


Classical Publishing Company


Hard Cover; Pages – 144


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